At The Promise United, we are not an investment company. We are a university, and an educational platform. We do not have members. We have students. You pay tuition to participate in our educational program. We provide hands on training to help our students acquire new skills and ability to do business on Blockchain, as well as in crypto platforms. We firmly believe that education is the foundation to doing business the right way. Therefore, we created the university to help students who are lifelong learners to stay inform when doing business in the decentralized business world. We transformed minds and give students the skills they need to achieve their financial freedom through all the projects we plan to launch in our ecosystem.

We do not give refunds. Once students paid their 55 USDT tuition, we welcome you to our university and you have the option to come to a few or all of our courses. Rather you come to one or all of our classes, you will be entered into our Incentivize Program. You will receive up to 50% students’ tuition paid to our university in the form of incentive based on the number of students we have and based on the formula which we went over with you prior to your registration.

By joining our university, you understand that we don’t give refunds and we are not an investment company. We don’t pay ROI, we give incentive. You will pay tuition out of pocket 1 time. Then your tuition responsibility will pause until you reach level 5 in the incentive program where your incentive will pay for the rest of your tuition fees. You are being incentivized to be a lifelong learner. We hope that every students will help us spread the word to others who would like to learn about centralized and decentralized business models on the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

We encourage all students to give us time, commitment, and contributions to receive lifetime benefits with us.

Thank you and welcome to The Promise United.


Mai Summer Vue, CEO and Founder